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Charactaristics of Equality
Charactaristics of Abuse


  1. Joint decision making
  2. Shared responsibility

Emotional Security

  1. Feel safe to share feelings
  2. Honesty and accountability for any wrongdoing
  3. Open and clear communication

Physical Safety

  1. Practices non-violence
  2. Respects partner’s physical space

Sexual Safety

  1. Accepts that “no” means no
  2. If you don’t hear a “yes”, it’s a “no”

Economic Equality

  1. Free to decide issues of school, work, and money


    • Listen non-judgmentally
    • Respect right to have different friends, activities, feelings and ideas
    • Support and trust
    • Listen and understand
    • Support partner’s goals
    • Value partner’s opinions and ideas


  1. Abuser decides
  2. Master/servant mentality

Emotional Manipulation

  1. Use jealousy/possessiveness
  2. Switching from charm to anger
  3. Name-calling, putdowns, insults
  4. Uses anger, drugs/alcohol, or childhood to justify actions

Physical Abuse

  1. Pushing, pulling hair, restraining
  2. Throwing objects, destroying personal possessions
  3. Slapping, hitting, kicking, strangling, etc.

Sexual Abuse

  1. Coercion, not accepting “no”
  2. Force partner to have sexual contact against her will

Economic Control

  1. Withholds money
  2. Denies access to money, job and school


  1. Mind games
  2. Isolate partner from friends, loved ones, and activities
  3. Threats, harassment, violation of person space


    • Nice to others but not to you
    • Reckless driving
    • Harming or threatening to harm pets
    • Minimizes abuse


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