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Options for Victims of Domestic Violence

Call 911
Assault, rape and attempted murder by an intimate partner are crimes … just as if a stranger committed the same crimes! The mandatory arrest law says the police must arrest the perpetrator if violence has occurred. Even if charges have not been filed, a police report can be used as evidence in the future. (see the page  “Arrest of an Abuser”.)

Crisis Line

Safe Harbors
541) 426-6565 or
1-866-904-SAFE (7233)


  • Confidential, 24 hours
  • Emotional support
  • Safety planning
  • Call to access shelter
  • Support groups
  • Information and referrals
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-SAFE (7233)


  • Confidential, emergency shelter
  • Women and children and men
  • Single women must be over the age of 18 or emancipated minors
  • Call the Crisis Line, (541) 426-6565, to find out more about shelter, or see the page “What Is a Domestic Shelter Like?”

Support Groups

  • Women who have survived or are still surviving domestic violence by an intimate partner
  • Children’s Group
  • Call Safe Harbors Monday through Thursday, 9-4, and Fridays, 9-12 at (541) 426-4004, to find out about more support groups and classes.

Safety Planning – creating a plan to:

  • Stay safe in the home with the abuser
  • Help children stay safe in the home
  • Leave the abuser
  • Stay safe at workplace, school, etc.
  • Call the Crisis Line, (541) 426-6565, to create your own unique safety plan, or see sections on safety planning in this packet.

Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO)

  • A TRO is not always a solution for every case!
  • A TRO is a court order restricting an abuser’s access to his/her partner, and may include children.
  • Can request temporary custody of children.
  • Can include workplace, school, childcare, etc.
  • Must be renewed before a year from the date originally filed.
  • Hearings are held at the Wallowa County Courthouse.
  • Safe Harbors staff is available to assist in filling out petition for TRO
  • See the page “Temporary Restraining Order” for more information on how to petition for a TRO.


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